21st Czech and Slovak International Conference on Number Theory (2013, Czech Republic)

The Conference was held September 2–6, 2013, Czech Republic — September 1 was arrival day — in Hotel Sepetná, which is situated in Ostravice, a nice village in the Beskydy mountains, 30 km south of Ostrava.

1 Jiří Močkoř
2 Kálmán Győry
3 Jana Medková
4 Larry Ericksen
5 János Tóth
6 Juraj Kostra
7 Zuzana Václavíková
8 Ladislav Mišík
9 Eliza Wajch
10 Pierre Liardet
11 Attila Pethő
12 Szabolcs Tengely
13 Štefan Porubský
14 Ladislav Skula
15 Georges Grekos
16 Jonas Šiurys
17 Oto Strauch
18 Lukáš Novotný
19 Jan Štěpnička
20 Márton Szikszai
21 Yohei Tachiya
22 István Gaál
23 Martin Klazar
24 Eszter Rozgonyi
25 Andrzej Schinzel
26 Karl Dilcher
27 Maciej Gawron
28 Michal Bulant
29 Katarína Korčeková
30 Werner Georg Nowak
31 V. Janitzio Mejia Huguet
32 Tamás Szakács
33 Tímea Szabó
34 Gábor Nyul
35 Zsolt Rábai
36 Lajos Hajdu
37 Nóra Varga
38 Vladimír Baláž
39 Csanád Bertók
40 Ferdinánd Filip
41 Peter Csiba
42 Stéphane Louboutin
43 István Pink
44 Jan Šustek
45 Piotr Krasoń
46 Attila Bérczes
47 Milan Werl
48 Ondřej Kolouch
49 Tomáš Vávra
50 Radan Kučera
Organized by
Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, University of Ostrava
Institute of Computer Science, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague
Mathematical Institute, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava
University J. Selye in Komárno

Scientific Committee

Jaroslav Hančl (University of Ostrava)
Ladislav Mišík (University of Ostrava)
Karol Nemoga (Mathematical Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences)
Štefan Porubský (Institute of Computer Science Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic)
János Tóth (University J. Selye in Komárno)

Organizing Committee

Ondřej Kolouch
Lukáš Novotný
Jan Štěpnička
Jan Šustek
Zuzana Václavíková

As a part of the conference there will be Summer school on Number theory intended for students.

Second Announcement

There is a possibility to pick you up from the Ostrava Main Station or the Ostrava-Mošnov Airport, just inform us about your travel plans till 15th August. Please let us know also if you are not going to come on Sunday 1st September and stay till Friday 6th September. (If you did not already do so.)

If you will come to Ostrava by train keep in mind to get off at Ostrava Main Station (Ostrava hlavni nadrazi), because there are several railway stations in Ostrava.

There will be a data projector and an overhead projector (for slides) available for your presentations. Flipchart and whiteboard will be possible to use as well. In case of special requirements for presentations please e-mail us.

The speakers who did not send an abstract yet please do so. Abstracts sent after 23th August cannot be included in the booklet which participants will obtain after arrival.

First Announcement

The accommodation will be available in comfortable single or double rooms.

  • €500 or 11250 CZK – single room (please bear in mind that the number of these single rooms is limited and the rooms will be given to participants on the first-come, first-serve basis)
  • €450 or 10100 CZK – double room

The price covers accommodation, meal and the registration fee.

We prefer payment to the University bank account but it will also be possible to pay in cash when you arrive. Please do not forget to pay the transfer fee as well.

Name:     University of Ostrava
Address:     Dvořákova 7, 701 03 Ostrava 1, Czech Republic
IČ (Id.No.):     61988987
DIČ:     CZ61988987
Bank:     Czech National Bank
Nádražní 4
701 00 Ostrava 1
Bank Code:     0710
Account No.:     931761/0710
IBAN:     CZ65 0710 0000 0000 0093 1761
Variable Symbol:     314203
Specific Symbol:     you will obtain this number by e-mail after registration

The speakers are asked to submit abstracts of their talks in English. We would appreciate sending in the abstract as a TeX-file by e-mail.

The papers from the conference might be published — after review — in Communications in Mathematics, which is reviewed in Mathematical Reviews and Zentralblatt.


May 31, 2013     registration and payment of conference costs, (after that 10% extra fee),
July 31, 2013     submitting an abstract of talk, (TeX-file by e-mail to ntc@osu.cz)
August 10, 2013     informing about travel plans (by e-mail to ntc@osu.cz)
October 31, 2013     submitting a paper for publication (by e-mail to ntc@osu.cz)