Swimming pool is available every day 10:00–12:00, 14:00–17:00 and 19:00–21:00.
WiFi is available, no password is needed.
Breakfast is every day 7:30–10:30.

Sunday, 10th June 2012 
arrival day with dinner included
Monday, 11th June 2012 
Chairman: Lutz G. Lucht
9:00– 9:40 Andrzej Schinzel A property of quasi-diagonal forms
9:45–10:05 Tadeusz Pezda A (finitary) procedure for determining the set CYCL(S;N) of lengths of polynomial cycles
10:10–10:30 L. Hajdu, T. Kovács, A. Pethö, M. Pohst On an optimization problem for lattices
10:30–11:00 coffee break
Chairman: Radhakrishnan Nair
11:00–11:20 Maciej Ulas Rational points in geometric progressions on certain hyperelliptic curves
11:25–11:45 Karol Pryszczepko On a question concerning filial rings
11:50–12:10 Beata Rothkegel Natural homomorphisms of Witt rings of orders in global fields
12:15–12:35 Zuzana Masáková, Edita Pelantová Purely periodic expansions in negative-base number systems
12:30–14:00 lunch
Chairman: Florian Pop
14:20–15:00 Franz-Viktor Kuhlmann A common generalization of metric, ultrametric and topological fixed point theorems
15:10–15:50 Katarzyna Kuhlmann Spaces of R-places
15:50–16:20 coffee break
Chairman: Attila Bérczes
16:20–16:40 Štefan Porubský Topological aspects of infinitude of primes in arithmetical progressions
16:45–17:05 Michal Bulant, Radan Kučera On a Galois Module Generated by Stark Units of a Real Abelian Field
17:10–17:30 Milan Werl Circular units of some real abelian number fields
17:35–17:55 Čestmír Bárta, Juraj Kostra On Normal Bases of Orders in Cyclic Algebraic Number Fields
18:00–20:00 dinner
Tuesday, 12th June 2012 
Chairman: Hagen Knaf
9:00– 9:40 Josnei Novacoski Reduction of Local Uniformization to the rank one case
9:50–10:30 photographing
10:30–11:00 coffee break
Chairman: Tünde Kovács
11:00–11:20 András Bazsó On diophantine equations involving power sums and products of consecutive terms in arithmetic progressions
11:25–11:45 Attila Bérczes Arithmetic and geometric progressions in the solution set of Diophantine equations
11:50–12:20 Jan-Hendrik Evertse Effective results for Diophantine equations over finitely generated domains
12:25–12:45 Gökhan Soydan, Hui Lin Zhu, Maohua Le On the solutions of some generalized Lebesgue-Nagell equations
12:45–14:00 lunch
14:00–18:00 Free afternoon. Trip (depends on the weather).
18:00–24:00 Banquet
Wednesday, 13th June 2012 
Chairman: Katarzyna Kuhlmann
9:50–10:30 Hagen Knaf On the fibres of varieties over valuation domains
10:30–11:00 coffee break
Chairman: Andrzej Sładek
11:00–11:30 Anna Blaszczok Artin-Schreier defect extensions of rational function fields
11:35–12:05 Claudia Degroote Hilbert's tenth problem for rational function fields over p-adic fields
12:10–12:40 Paweł Gładki Quotients of spaces of orderings
12:40–14:00 lunch
Chairman: Florian Luca
14:20–15:00 Lutz G. Lucht Weighted Wiener-Lévy theorems for general Dirichlet series
15:10–15:50 Georges Grekos On various definitions of density II
15:50–16:20 coffee break
Chairman: Jan-Hendrik Evertse
16:20–16:40 Radhakrishnan Nair Metric uniform distribution
16:45–17:00 Jaroslav Hančl, Ondřej Kolouch, Lukáš Novotný A Criterion for irrationality and linear independence of infinite products
17:05–17:20 Jaroslav Hančl, Katarína Korčeková, Lukáš Novotný Productly irrational sequences
17:25–17:45 Yilmaz Simsek Remarks on Eulerian numbers and polynomials
17:50–18:10 Milan Paštéka and Zuzana Václavíková Some remarques on permutations which preserves the weighted density
18:10–20:00 dinner
Thursday, 14th June 2012 
Chairman: Franz-Viktor Kuhlmann
9:00–10:00 Florian Pop The Oort Conjecture on lifting covers of curves
10:10–10:30 Florian Luca On the least common multiple of Lucas subsequences
10:30–11:00 coffee break
Chairman: Andrzej Schinzel
11:00–11:20 Jan Šustek, Ladislav Mišík, Bodo Volkman Hausdorff Dimension of Sets of Numbers with Prescribed Digit Densities
11:25–12:10 Problem Session (Prof. Schinzel)
12:10–14:00 lunch