Programme of the conference

The conference was opened on Monday morning, August 31, and closed on Friday, September 4, 2009.
Sunday, August 30, was the arrival day and the registration of all participants was at The Belaria Hotel.

Monday, August 31
Chairman Kálmán Győry
9:00–9:45 Władysław Narkiewicz Numbers Without Divisors in a Progression
9:50–10:10 Florian Luca Common Values of the Arithmetic Functions $\phi$ and $\sigma$
10:10–11:10 Coffee break
11:10–11:55 Ákos Pintér On Equal Values of Certain Lattice-Point Enumerators
12:00–14:00 Lunch
Chairman Władysław Narkiewicz
14:00–14:45 Lutz G. Lucht A Survey of Ramanujan Expansions
14:50–15:10 Jonas Jankauskas On Newan Polynomials which Divide No Littlewood Polynomial
15:15–15:35 Werner Georg Nowak On the Error Term in Weyl's Law for Heisenberg Manifolds
15:40–16:10 Coffee break
Chairman Tauno Metsänkylä
16:10–16:30 Marian Genčev A Non-regular Summability Method
16:35–16:55 Tapani Matala-aho On Diophantine Approximations of Rogers-Ramanujan Type $q$-Continued Fractions
17:00–17:20 Anne-Maria Ernvall-Hytönen On Exponent Sums and $\Omega $-Results for Cusp Forms
17:25–17:45 Eeva Suvitie On Inner Product Involving a Holomorphic Cusp Form and a Maass Form
Tuesday, September 1
Chairman Lutz G. Lucht
9:00–9:45 Kálmán Győry On Certain Arithmetic Graphs and Their Applications to Diophantine Problems
9:50–10:10 András Bazsó On Ternary Equations and Binomial Thue Equations with $S$-unit Coefficients
10:15–10:35 István Gaál Diophantine Equations over Global Function Fields
10:40–11:10 Coffee break
11:10–11:55 Attila Pethő Arithmetical Progressions on Norm Form Equations
12:00–13:30 Lunch
13:45 Photographing
Chairman Werner Bley
14:00–14:45 Clemens Fuchs Divisibility Properties of Certain Polynomials by Schur's Method
14:50–15:10 Radan Kučera On a Group Generated by Stark Units of a Real Abelian Field
15:15–15:35 Łukasz Pańkowski Some Remarks on the Generalized Strong Recurrence for $L$-functions
15:40–16:10 Coffee break
Chairman Kazimierz Szymiczek
16:10–16:30 Amandine Leriche Polya Field, Polya Group and Polya Extension: A Question of Capitulation
16:35–16:55 Diana Savin A Computational Result about the Symbol Algebras
17:00–17:20 Ladislav Skula Reductions of Matrices over Orders of Imaginary Quadratic Fields
17:25–17:45 Beata Rothkegel Surjectivity of Natural Homomorphisms of Witt Rings of Orders
Wednesday, September 2
Room A
Chairman Attila Pethő
9:00–9:45 Piotr Krasoń On Arithmetic in Mordell-Weil Groups
9:50–10:10 Attila Bérczes Effective Results for Points on Certain Subvarieties of Tori
10:15–10:35 Adrian Łydka On a Complex Explicit Formula Connected with the M\"obius Function of an Elliptic Curve
10:40–11:10 Coffee break
Chairman Takashi Agoh
11:10–11:30 Jan Herman Semispecial Units in a Compositum of Quadratic Fields
11:35–11:55 Jaromír Kuben On Stickelberger Elements and Vanishing Order Conjecture
19:00 Party in the conference hall
Room B
Chairman Karl Dilcher
9:00–9:20 Csaba Rakaczki On the Simple Zeros of Shifted Euler Polynomials
9:25–9:45 Lawrence Somer Prime Lehmer Numbers with Composite Indices
9:50–10:10 Pavel Trojovský, Jaroslav Seibert On Some Identities for the Fibonomial Coefficients
10:15–10:35 Antal Bege GCD and LCM Type Matrices Associated with Classes of Arithmetical Functions
10:40–11:10 Coffee break
Chairman István Gaál
11:10–11:30 Larry Ericksen Prime Constellations By Triangles
11:35–11:55 Gábor Nyul Field Index of Algebraic Number Fields
Thursday, September 3
Chairman Werner Georg Nowak
9:00–9:45 Andrzej Schinzel Multiplicative Properties of Sets of Positive Integers
9:50–10:10 Artūras Dubickas Powers in Sturmian Sequences
10:15–10:35 Martin Zeiner Baire Results of Multi-Sequences
10:40–11:10 Coffee break
11:10–11:30 Peter Csiba, József Bukor On Estimations of Dispersion of Ratio Block Sequences
11:35–11:55 Ferdinánd Filip, János Tóth On Ratio Block Sequences with Extreme Distribution Function
12:00–14:00 Lunch
Chairman Piotr Krasoń
14:00–14:45 Werner Bley Numerical Evidence for the Equivariant Tamagawa Number Conjecture
14:50–15:10 Andrzej Paszkiewicz On Polynomials $p(X) = X^n + g(X)$ with Lowest Degree of $g(X)$ which Are Irreducible Over $GF(2)$
15:15–15:35 Takashi Agoh On Bernoulli and Eulerian Numbers
15:40–16:10 Coffee break
Chairman Artūras Dubickas
16:10–16:30 Karl Dilcher $\bmod \, p^3$ Analogues of Theorems of Gauss and Jacobi on Binomial Coefficients
16:35–16:55 I-Chiau Huang Algebraic Structures of Bernoulli Numbers
17:00–17:20 Tauno Metsänkylä Bernoulli Numbers and $p$-adic $L$-functions
Friday, September 4
Chairman Florian Luca
9:00–9:20 Pavel Rucki The Irrationality of Infinite Series of a Special Kind
9:25–9:45 Jan Šustek On Expressible Sets and $p$-adic Numbers
9:50–10:10 Szabolcs Tengely On the Diophantine Equation $x^2+C=2^ry^n$
10:15–10:35 Štefan Porubský On the Infinitude of Primes
10:40–11:10 Coffee break
Chairman Andrzej Schinzel
11:10–11:55 Problem session
12:00–13:00 Lunch
13:30 Minibus to Mošnov and Ostrava

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